“The world is changing, and the formerly strict separation between architectural practice and academia is fading thanks to new research models at universities and new knowledge-based forms of practice. Yet despite the importance of this new role, academia has yet to produce a program to train talented young architects to occupy it; at traditional universities, there are separate programs to educate practitioners versus scholars.

The M.S. in Design Theory and Pedagogy program occupies a space in between these two known models and targets specifically a hybrid career in academia. Utilizing SCI-Arc itself as a hands-on teaching laboratory, the long-term project of the program is to develop new design pedagogies and a new apparatus for the production of design theory.“

Marcelyn Gow, program coordinator.
Southern Califonia Institute of Architecture, EDGE Program, Design Theory and Pedagogy - Statement.

SCI-Arc’s EDGE Program, and Postgraduate Degree in Design Theory and Pedagogy, enables the theoretical and practical framework for two new initiatives within architectural education: The Center for Architecture in East Africa - a one year postgraduate degree in architecture, and The Field Study - an elective, month long field study trip offered to students at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture.

The two programs raison d’être is to reimagine, and reclaim the role of architectural education at the frontier of contemporary societal transformation. The two programs reflect a new reality which sees  global migration and displacement of peoples, alongside terraforming effects of people and climate reshape the circumstantial landscape for a new breed of itinerantly operating architects.

By offering a combination of studiotime with working in the field -  in places historically drought of architectural intentions -  the students are invited to operate at the edge of the topical and geographical architectural domain.

The SCI-Arc one year postgraduate degree in Design Theory and Pedagogy offers an unique opportunity to further develop these initiatives, by itself being a platform for forward looking discussions on the role of architecture, and thereby, the role of architectural education.

Frederik Emil Seehusen - Statement.



SCI-Arc, EDGE programs
Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture